Amalie's Book for you


Amalie For YouAmalie-Suhaila Beljafla

was born the 11th of may 1991 she comes from a Scandinavian and Arabic
background. After graduating from Dubai International Academy with an
I.B diploma, Amalie moved to London to pursue her degree at London's
prestigious art university, Central Saint Martins in 2009. Having
completed a foundation degree in Art and Design, she continued her BA
in Graphic Design, finishing with an honors degree in June 2013. She
is currently doing her

MA in Communication and Design, graduating in June 2015. She has
collaborated with various artists as well as fashion designers, and in
2012 ventured out to start her own fashion house, Trésors Sauvages,,  and is beginning a new project with one
other entrepreneur, Leda And The Swan LTD.,,
which will be a boutique in London. In 2014 Amalie started her own
swimwear and resort brand  called AMALIE, to be
launched summer 2014. Amalie supports the charity, Signal, and some of the proceeds of this book will go
towards the charity.

For You is Amalie's first book.